During World War II, 400,000 German Prisoners of War were interred in the United States. Many of the POWs were confined in 堪萨斯 where they worked on farms and other prospects. Typically, the 堪萨斯 POWs were housed small camps of 100 or less. Some of these camps were located in the communities of El Dorado, 哈钦森, 重晶石的城市, 海斯, 和托皮卡, 渥太华.

Three larger camps were located in 堪萨斯, 靠近萨利纳(菲利普斯营), 在莱利堡, 就在康科迪亚外面, 堪萨斯. Construction of Camp Concordia began in February 1943 and the POW camp was turned over to the US Army on May 1, 1943. At its peak Camp Concordia 4,027 Prisoners, 880 soldiers and 179 civilian Employees.

Camp Concordia had 304 buildings including a 177 bed hospital, 消防部门, 仓库, 冷藏, 军官俱乐部, 和营房, 食堂 & administrative buildings for both the German POWs and American soldiers. The camp cost $1,808,860, running $40,000 over budget. Not bad for a construction that took only 90 days.

All of the prisoners at Camp Concordia were members of the German Army. Most were captured in Africa, and the first POWs came from Rommel’s Afrika Korps. 只有被征召的战俘工作, 他们大多在农场, but some worked on the railroad or in the ice plant. The POWS had their own band and newspaper.

Camp Concordia officially closed on November 8, 1945. Many of the buildings were torn down and others were moved. Some are still serving as homes 在肯考迪娅. Today POW Camp Concordia still has 5 original buildings on 4 original foundations. As buildings were meant to be temporary, it is not common for POW sites across the US to have any structures at all. The only structures remaining at the original location are 护柱 20, a warehouse which currently houses the Museum, 一些石墙, 军官俱乐部, 一些基础, the water tower which once supported a 100,000-gallon water tank and a two-story stone guard tower that has been reconstructed.

The Museum contains many interesting displays and artifacts with incredible stories unique from other POW Camps across the nation. The Cloud County Historical Society Museum houses additional artifacts in their collection as well.

To visit the Camp Concordia museum, please call ahead to make arrangements as the museum is volunteer run and does not open on a regular basis. To schedule a tour, call 云县旅游 at (785) 243-4303.

Directions to the Camp: Drive north of Concordia on US 81 for two miles. Turn east on Union Road (also known as Fort Kearney Road). Continue driving east for one mile where you will find the reconstructed guard tower on your 左. The museum is located up the driveway just past the guard tower. Guard House 20 is a few blocks farther east.

POW Camp Concordia is closed over the colder months as there is no heat at the camp. They kick off their season May 6, at their Victory Day Celebration each year.

SLIDESHOW of existing buildings:

Scan the QR code for an interactive map of POW Camp Concordia building locations or 点击这里.

开放时间 & 入学

POW Camp Concordia is open during the spring and summer seasons. 5月6日. - 10月31日. Please call 云县旅游 at 785-243-4303 安排旅行. As the Camp operates entirely on volunteers, there are not regularly open hours. 云县旅游 schedules tours on a regular basis during opening season. If you know you’re heading this way, give us a call 1-2 days in advance. 经常, we are able to get same day tours as well, so don’t let that last minute idea stop you from reaching out!

The Camp closes during the winter season. 十一月至五月. To view artifacts and learn more about the camp, please visit the Cloud County Historical Museum Tuesday thru Friday from 1-5 p.m. 星期六下午8点到2点.m. 位于百老汇大街635号. 在肯考迪娅.



POW Camp Concordia will partner with 云县旅游 to host a Victory Day Celebration in honor of Victory in Europe (VE) Day which occurred May 8th, 1945. That is the official day when German troops throughout Europe finally laid down their arms during World War II.

在白天, free tours will be given of the POW Camp Concordia Museum by Barbara Shunn and Lowell May. 访问ors are able to view exhibits and WWII memorabilia at the Museum.



“The Seep” Jeep sent to Montana Labor Day 2021.

The POW Camp Concordia Preservation Society is currently restoring a WWII Amphibious Jeep. Production of the seep began in March 1941. After finding the seep didn’t perform as well as expected in the field, 不受士兵欢迎, production was halted in March 1943. 大约生产了12700辆. It is one of around fifteen known vehicles of its kind 左 in existence. The project will take approximately five years, as the project will require the Jeep to be completely restored.

To learn more or donate, contact 云县旅游 at 785-243-4303.